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19 Feb 2017:
3D Christmas in February thanks to blender
The Christmas animation, yes, I know it's February now.

I will be adding notes on each component in the video. Tree, tinsel, lights, presents, ball and video compositing.
19 Feb 2017:
flog menu heavy on the blender
There is an out standing flog menu, that I am working on.

Yearly review (bottom of my list)
Christmas Blender video (might do this in the next 10 mins)
Christmas Blender tutorials (need to revisit where I got with these previously)
Blender 3D tentacle video and tutorial
Start modelling 3D raspberry pi 3 (preferably before a 4 comes out!)
19 Feb 2017:
3D disaster to 2D solution blender for the win
Sarah wanted me to spend a little time making a 1 minute video she could use for her business. The example she showed me was flying images form Facebook.

I took the challenge and we used Audacity to put together the multiple voice recordings she had made. Then I used Blender with the "Images as planes" Add-on enabled(it's built in but disabled by default). I then spent far too many hours trying to get the planes to animate towards the camera at the correct times.

Although the final cut did basically what I envisioned, it was not what Sarah wanted. When showing me the Facebook animation again I could see that it was not the animation she was looking for but the simple slide-show nature of the videos. My solutions did not leave the images on the screen very long and to quote "it was just animation".

I thought about how my mind had jumped to the 3D planes solution and I wondered if I could use Blender with no 3D. this time I setup the video sequencer, imported the audio track and all the images. Then it was just a process of arranging them and adding cross fades.

Making sure the Playback sync AV option was on it was just a matter of scrubbing backwards and forwards, shuffling the start/end times to fit the speech.

From complete a complete disaster that took 3+hrs to a simple and perfect solution that took 30mins. Most of that 30mins was spent trying to work out why my cross fades were going backwards every now and then. I thought they were using the positioning of the tracks(channels) but it was related to which track was selected first that indicated the cross-fade from track.
07 Feb 2017:
apple makes me sick
Apple Macs make me physically sick.

Got so stressed out following Apple's official instructions only to find that not only do they not work but there is no error message or way to find out what went wrong!

Hours wasted, so we gave up but then Microsoft gave us some jip and now the Mac is still not working properly.
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